Citizen Music is a platform for streaming and purchasing music built for film and advertising. The exceptional library is comprised of live recordings by world-class artists. Tracks can be customized to order. And exclusive rights are available.
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Amplify is a web application that connects youth with policy makers, organizations, and youth-serving agencies by gathering youth-generated data to inform city-wide policy making and local civic action.
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This is a showcase for the art collection of the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. It is designed to search art works with a deep focus on visual properties such as light, line, color, and space, in addition to more traditional searches by artist name, media, or historical movement.
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“Shop before you buy.” Quiddity is a shopping research site that makes it fun and easy to compare products in niche markets like wireless heaphones, blenders, mattresses, and more.
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Seeso was a standalone comedy streaming service produced by NBC.
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